Academic Leadership and Summer

The summer is plugging away, and even though it’s not a normal summer by any means, I appreciate the rhythm and quasi-normalcy that this season brings. In a few days we will celebrate Independence Day and while I enjoy the holiday for many of the same reasons that you do, it has become to signify, at least for me, the “high water mark” of summer. Once the 4th hits, it’s all downhill from there and the impending cold shower of reality that is the beginning of the fall semester looms ever closer.

                I’m trying to battle the uncertainty brought by this particular fall semester by being reflective and grateful for the opportunities that are still inherent with academic life. Fall 2020 marks the third year that I’ve been Chair of the Fine Arts and Communication Department at Lincoln Memorial University and I’m really honored and humbled to be given the opportunity of providing leadership to such a fine and dedicated group of faculty colleagues.

The Art, Music, Theatre, and Communications and Media Programs at LMU are a unique collection of academics who all have creativity as one of the central tenets of their pedagogy. The faculty are all smart, engaging, great teachers, and are at the top in their respective fields. I have enjoyed the challenge of being the chair of such a diverse department and am immensely proud of how my colleagues rose to the occasion when we shifted to online instruction quite rapidly this past spring.

The upcoming academic year will bring challenges, both known and unknown. But I’m comforted by the knowledge that the department will meet those challenges together and that we’ll creatively solve them together. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Happy Independence Day and enjoy the holiday however you want to celebrate. Me? I’m going to grill!

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